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Thursday, March 5, 2015

3:56 AM playing Star Wars......

So I made a female Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Her name is Ixiallya-Jaa (have fun pronouncing that) and after training on Planet Tython has become a full fledged Jedi Knight. What's cool about Ixiallya is I have had her going down the path of the Dark Side.
 Her once blue eyes have slowly turned a menacing orange/yellow after drawing upon the Dark Side of the Force numerous times. Yet she still maintains the rank of Jedi Knight though killing unarmed prisoners and taking bribes from Republic Senators has become the norm. I am enjoying this game and personally it's the 1st time I have chosen to be a Jedi, even though its a Dark Jedi. 
 More adventures of Ixiallya-Jaa later, I gotta keep playing. 
          Gideon Out. 

The Infinite Days Of Gideon Graves

Sleep rarely finds me at a decent hour, sobriety even less so. I live in two worlds: that one which consists of pursuing dreams and making the dollar, and the one where I focus on what entertains, enlightens, and sometimes troubles me. 

  The Party, the intoxication, a night of revelry in celebration to   my own monumental ego. The hangovers, hours full of rehydration and regurgitation. Such joy, such memorable moments forever painted over by libations. My literal self would rarely pull back the curtain on our mental stage but that is exactly what I intend to do. Roy & even our Musical Persona Are.OH!Why? Maintains a veil between what is seen or heard on social media and what occurs in everyday life. 
  I do not make those distinctions, I am both the strength and weakness laid bare for prying eyes to see. I am the awesomeness yet also the torment, for every smiling moment brought to mind about "Her" I quickly call to thought the anguish, pain, and self-loathing of Love's End. This initial entry may not make sense at first, but as the layers are peeled back all that need be shall be let known. This isn't about politics, music, or relationship advice. This is the extension of a brilliant mind being given an outlet devoid of social insecurities. I will show the good, bad, light, & dark. Things my conscious self would refuse to associate his name with. This blog may say Just Call Me Roy, but these are the Infinite Days of Gideon Graves.....Welcome